Eating Habits That Help You Have a Healthy Smile

Even though a dazzling healthy smile can be found on every person’s wish list, there are only a few that realize the role of oral health in giving you the smile you need.

Just like your dietary habits have a profound effect on your overall health; your teeth are also greatly affected by what you eat.

This is because there are many foods that are considered to be unfriendly towards your oral health. Sugar, for example, has a negative impact on your teeth and therefore it is recommended to brush your teeth after having sugary or processed foods, in any form.

In this article, you will find eating habits that you can add to your lifestyle to gain a healthy smile.

1.Foods that are Rich in Fiber

Fruits and vegetables that have a high fiber content are excellent at stimulating the flow of saliva in your mouth. This proves to be beneficial in defending your teeth against decay and cavities.

Moreover, since saliva also has enzymes, it works well to prevent the inside of your mouth from becoming too acidic.  Crunchy foods such as carrots also have a high-water content which results in the scrubbing of the surface of your teeth.


Vitamin D and Calcium are two important nutrients that help in strengthening your bones and teeth. Dairy products such as Egg Yolks and Milk are considered to be great sources of both, vitamin D and calcium.

Vitamin D is required by the body to absorb calcium effectively which means that by increasing the consumption of both these nutrients, you can keep your teeth healthy and strong.


Tea without sugar can also prove to be beneficial for your oral health. The compounds found in tea have the ability to merge with the plaque and prevent decay as well as the formation of bacteria in the oral environment.

Tea also protects one from developing any gum-related issues by decreasing inflammation. However, when having tea, it is important to not add sugar. Also, it is advised to brush your teeth after consuming tea since it can cause stains sometimes.

4.Chewing Gum (Sugarless)

Chewing gum is a great way of stimulating the flow of saliva thereby removing acids from the surface of your teeth. However, it is important that you choose a gum that is sugarless so that it does not increase the development of cavities. It is recommended to chew sugarless gum after having a meal since it helps in removing small particles from different corners of your teeth.

5.Tofu, Fish, and Meat

Phosphorous is also considered to be extremely friendly towards your overall oral health. Therefore, any foods that are rich in phosphorous are also recommended for maintaining healthy teeth. Phosphorous protects tooth enamel and can be found in fatty fish, tofu, and meat.

Bottom Line

Along with adding all the above-mentioned foods, you should also keep a close check on the amount of water you consume throughout the day. A diet that incorporates all these foods can help you maintain strong and pearly white teeth so that you do not have to think twice before smiling.

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