Get Treatment Today for Your Abscess

Pain on your gum or root stopping you from enjoying the summer? Come into our office here in Durham, North Carolina to determine whether this pain derives from a tooth abscess. This painful infection in-between the root or gum and the tooth may have symptoms of decay. These may include a fever, general discomfort, irritability eating hot or cold substances, red or swollen gums, as well as swelling in the neck or jaw.

Bull City Dental will be happy to examine your teeth for signs of swelling and redness, typically the first hint of a tooth abscess. Your dentist will ask you to close your mouth firmly or bite down and ask if you experience pain. They will also use a dental instrument to inspect your teeth by slightly tapping. A final x-ray will help determine if an abscess is causing bone and/or gum damage.

Use antibiotics, over-the-counter medication and warm salt water rinses until you can visit your dentist for a procedure. An abscess infection will continue to destroy tissues and spread if left untouched, so your dentist will establish which option is best. These may include either going in with an incision on the swollen gum to drain the abscess, removing the tooth and draining through the socket (which can be replaced with an implant), or having a root canal followed by a crown to rid the tooth of diseased tissue.

Call 919-680-3531 today where our team here in Durham, North Carolina, can schedule an appointment or consultation with Bull City Dental so you can get the dental care you need. We will be happy to help you with your dental care!

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