What to Know When Choosing a Toothbrush

Toothbrushes don’t last forever: the bristles fray and fall out. Every three months, you should swap out your toothbrush for a new one. Because there are so many brands and styles to choose from, toothbrush shopping can be a headache. We provided a few tips to help you find the perfect toothbrush quickly.

1. Look for the ADA Seal of Acceptance. This seal ensures the product has been inspected for safety and efficacy.

2. Manual or powered? Manual toothbrushes are generally less expensive, while offering the same amount of quality. Powered—or electric—toothbrushes are more fun for children and require less effort on the part of the user. Choose the one that fits your preferences.

3. Go for soft bristles. Toothbrushes with soft bristles are less abrasive on your teeth, which protects the enamel and gums. Soft bristles also make brushing more enjoyable.

4. Pick a toothbrush that feels right. The shape of the head—tapered or rectangular—doesn’t matter as long as it fits comfortably in your mouth and can reach all of your teeth. Your hand should be able to grip the handle without feeling awkward.

If you’re toothbrush shopping in Durham, North Carolina, contact Bull City Dental at 919-680-3531. Dr. Audrey Kemp will be happy to discuss toothbrush options and provide you with a recommendation.

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